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pineapple fitness pineapple fitness


Why’s it called Pineapple?
A Pineapple’s not a single fruit, but lots of fruitlets - just like us, we’re not one thing but lots of cells - illustrating that Pineapple Fitness is the ultimate in holistic training – it supercharges your muscles, brain, blood and bones all at once.

A Pineapple also has very prominent core. Pineapple Fitness works from your ‘true core’ (ie. your spinal core) to Neuro-Kinetically supercharge your muscles, brain, blood and bones all at once.

Why’s that interesting for me?
The Pineapple products get you Fit from your cells out. It’s like Holistic fitness on steroids: Muscles, Brain, Blood, Bones all getting fit at once. Your whole being will be Supercharged, meaning you’ll enjoy the world’s most efficient and effective workout + feel amazing!

Why’s there no strict workout guide?
Train like you’re designed! (there’s no manual to life!) Play, move, adventure - Hey, just master the fundamentals then explore and have fun!

We’ll work with you to master the fundamentals, and guide/show plus inspire you to further fitness success and lifestyle happiness. Just get ready to feel ‘Juiced!’ (fun, functional fitness that works!)

Why the 3-min time intervals?
There’s a Biological ceiling, ie. A sweet-spot of time, meaning that just doing longer doesn’t achieve more. But remember! There’s a benefit intensity you must achieve to get fitness result. It’s got to be stimulating enough to make a change – but hey you know you don’t get anything for nothing! And we all want the biggest bang for our buck!

So you simply workout in 3-min intervals at intensities you feel and progress: at a base-level, just start with one 3-min interval. As you progress you can add a multiple of 3-min intervals through the day. At advanced levels, try and do a max of nine 3-min intervals back- to-back! All at ultra-intensity!

What’s the “Juice” all about?
Pineapple is about elevating fitness beyond just the body. (although the physical component is beyond any current physical workout anyway!)

Juice is like 'stoke' for 'skiing, surfing or skate-boarding' - ie. it’s a personal expression of joy. Beyond the old fitness 'Pump' - JUICE is the simultaneous ‘supercharge’ you’ll feel across your muscles, brain, blood and bones.

What’s the Science behind it?
Click here for a presentation that highlights the scientific analysis. For additional questions email:

Why does it cost what it does to buy?
Our mission is ultimate value. We make it so it doesn’t break, and you’re able to use it and be inspired to galvanize your fitness
forever. We add a sensible profit-margin so we can build a powerful company to lead the fitness revolution, and make a difference on the planet. Basically we aim to give you double the product any competitor might create at half the price! (Double for Half!)

What's the science behind it?
Remember we are basically just water (ie. 70% of us is water) No g-force is like being in water, meaning that Bio-oscillation synchronizes even more profound effect and action than any other forms of vibration.

We all want the biggest bang for our buck! Our mission at Pineapple is to ‘bang’ fitness to everyone we can reach



pineapple fitness pineapple fitness pineapple fitness